UK Wedding Photographer: My Top 5 2021 Wedding Trends

Normally, this would be the kind of blog I’d have ready to roll out on January 1st. But, with the complete disruption of weddings, I honestly didn’t even know if we would get to a point where weddings were happening this year! I’m so excited that Boris has given the tentative green light for weddings, and an expectation that weddings will be back to normal for summer. With this in mind, I’ve put together my top 2021 wedding trends to look out for this year. As expected, COVID and the after math is playing a huge part in what you want to include in your 2021/2022 weddings!

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1. Week day weddings

Perhaps born more out of necessity, week day weddings are going to be common place this year. My diary is full of them, I’m averaging around 2/3 weddings a week in the summer! With demand high for all venues and suppliers, couples are moving their postponed weddings to week days. In a year where no one has been able to party or take holidays, I think it’s safe to say guests will be happy to book annual leave and make the most of a midweek wedding!

2. Bistro and al fresco style dining

With weddings able to take place from March, but no large receptions, couples will be looking for other ways to celebrate their union after the ceremony. Small dining experiences in cafes, hotels or parks will be popular, especially as many nuptials will be in town centres rather than remote venues.

Check out Yolanda and Anthony’s pizza party at Morden Hall Park.

3. Entertainment is king

After a ceremony I’m sure you’ll be want to mark the occasion and continue the party. With less money being spent on wedding suppliers, venues and decor, focus will move to entertainment. This may take the form of tailored cocktails, interactive experiences or outdoor games. Think magicians, performance artists, live drawing or fairground games.

4. Bright and fresh colours

Possibly my favourite of the 2021 wedding trends! The 1990s is back in fashion and as such bold pops of colour will be making a wave in wedding colour palettes. I personally love this trend and it’ll go perfectly with the neon trends we are starting to see last year. I think couples are also being less afraid to go bold and experimental if they are having a micro wedding.

Fresh colours are here!Think pinks, lilacs and oranges!

5. More focus on the little details

As I mentioned before, couples are spending less on large venues, decor and wedding breakfasts for huge numbers of guests. Budgets will be refocused on bringing personal touches and something special to micro weddings and smaller wedding venues. Custom and sentimental items will add that special feeling to weddings that may be smaller than usual.

DIY touches will also be very popular! Time at home and smaller budgets due to furlough and job losses, means couples will be looking at projects to make their wedding their own, without the help of professionals. With the nature of intimate weddings, it’s also a great time to get more personal with decor, favors and little touches. I can see a lot of couples making use of COVID humour as well.

The past year has certainly reframed the way couples are thinking about their weddings. It will be interesting to see how the next year unfolds but I’m excited to see what other trends come out of it! The wedding industry has definitely had a shake up, but I am loving seeing the creativity that has come out in the way couples and suppliers alike are adapting.

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