Alnwick Garden proposal: Jacob & Steph’s engagement in blossom season

Check out this lovely spring surprise! Jacob popped into my DMs last month with a mission: to pop the question to his girlfriend, Steph, in the most romantic way possible. So, here’s the scoop on their stunning Alnwick Garden proposal.

Alnwick Garden proposal in the arbours

Alnwick Garden Proposal in the arbour tunnel

A few weeks ago, Jacob messaged me saying he was planning a surprise proposal for his girlfriend Steph, on their anniversary. To celebrate, he’d booked a weekend in Newcastle and a trip to Alnwick Gardens, a place they’d visited in the early days of their relationship. Now as much as wedding photographers can find proposals stressful as anything can happen, I love doing them! I straight away said yes and hatched a plan.

Jacob’s strategy involved taking Steph to the gardens under the pretense of a private tour. This is where Kellie, Alnwick’s wedding coordinator, stepped in. Kellie was in on the plan and would guide them through the gardens, starting with a stop at the picturesque covered tunnel, one of the venue’s wedding ceremony spots. Meanwhile, I was lurking nearby, camera ready for the big moment.

I arrived early to meet Kellie and scope out the perfect spot. Fortunately, blending in was easy; I just appeared to be a casual photographer capturing the cascading waterfall. As Jacob and Steph approached, Kellie led them to the tunnel for a ‘sneak peek’ at the blossoms. Jacob checked in with me, Kellie discreetly stepped back, and then Jacob got down on one knee.

It all went perfectly to plan and Steph said yes immediately! After a brief celebration, we strolled through the gardens, capturing some sweet engagement photos. The morning was picture-perfect – the sun was shining and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom — it couldn’t have been better!

Alnwick Gardens engagement photography

An Alnwick Garden proposal comes with a major perk: stunning locations for engagement photos right at your fingertips! We meandered through the cascading waterfall, explored the Ornamental Garden, and then into the Cherry Orchard which was in full bloom.

As with all my proposal sessions, after capturing the big moment, I do a short couples shoot to commemorate the occasion. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the moment, and have some stunning photos to go with your announcement. The photos are also great for wedding invitations and stationery.

Alnwick Garden proposal shoot in the cherry blossoms

Alnwick Garden proposal photography

Hold on to your hats for a spring overload. I don’t know about you, but I wait all winter to spot the first bit of blossom in the spring. I’d heard great things about Alnwick’s cherry orchard, but it just so happened this was the peak weekend for the blossoms. It was absolutely gorgeous! Everyone else had the same idea as us, so it was super busy – these photos took quite a bit of photoshopping! But totally worth it 🙂

Alnwick Garden proposal photography in the cherry blossoms

Alnwick Garden wedding venues – The Treehouse & Pavilion

As well as Alnwick Garden being a great proposal spot, it’s also one of Northumberland’s best wedding venues. You can get married in the world’s largest treehouse which is probably one of the most unique wedding venues I’ve ever seen! If you want something a little more contemporary and less rustic, you can also get married in the Pavilion. Whichever you pick, you’d have amazing backdrops for your wedding photography!

Alnwick Garden Treehouse wedding venue

If you’re planning an Alnwick Garden proposal, or wedding, get in touch, I’d absolutely love to hear from you! It is a dream venue on both counts 🙂

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