What I loved this month: March 2019

March was a super busy month and the start of my 2019 wedding season, hooray! The month started off a bit miserably with annoying storm Gareth. However, the last few days have been absolutely glorious. I am so enjoying the sun being out and am happily soaking up all the Vitamin D. As I type this I’ve just come inside after reading ‘Big Magic’ on the lawn.

Here are a few things my month has been filled with…

  1. Introducing Taka

A few months ago, I was chatting to a friend and we some how got on to the topic of classic Minis. Since I first watched the Italian Job as a child, it’s been my dream to own one. It turned out that he has had one sat in his garage for the last 10 years. He most generously offered it to me, if I could get it back on the road and give it a new lease of life. For me, it felt like the universe had aligned and I was meant to say yes to this challenge. Luckily, my Dad does up cars for a hobby and has always wanted to restore a classic Mini (another case of the universe aligning). So… introducing little Taka!

A 1988 classic Mini Mayfair

It’s going to be a long journey to get him back on the road, but excited to see how it progresses. I’m sure you’ll be seeing much more of this little guy.

2. After Life

With lots going on this month I have been trying to take some time out to just chill and regroup. One evening, I sat in front of Netflix and started watching Ricky Gervais’ new TV show. ‘After Life’ is a dark comedy about coming to terms with grief and loss. I’ve never been overly keen on Ricky but this series was beautiful. I was crying sad and funny tears at the same time. It was life affirming whilst also highlighting the daily struggles we have to go through.

3. LWBC Workshop

London Wedding Breakfast Club is a community of wedding suppliers in the capital and this month hosted it’s first photography Workshop. I went along and had the best day! I love hanging out with my fellow peers and learnt so much from Lex Fleming Photo who was sharing her wisdom and experience. It’s communities like this which make the wedding industry a really special place to be. Thanks Lex for organising and running. I also got to try out shooting with a prism.. love it!

A couple looking in love on Hoxton Canal

4. Wedding season kicking off!

In the middle of March, Sam and Phil kicked off my wedding season! They had a touching ceremony followed by an epic party at the Tudor Barn in Eltham. I’m still editing their big day, so watch this space to see it soon. I also photographed Rachel & Roy’s intimate wedding ceremony at Marylebone Town Hall.

Newly married coupleNewly married couple

5. George Ezra @ the O2

On March 16th George Ezra played the 02 and I went with my sister. It was my first time seeing George and I was so excited for a feel good night. He put on an incredible show. I loved his stage setup, made to feel like a cosy home (I assume Tamara’s). He came across as super likeable and I had a fantastic dance. Hopefully we will be seeing him again at Isle of Wight festival in the summer.

6. Getting outside in the spring weather

This month I made sure I took time out to enjoy spring and get outside in nature. I had a beautiful walk in Epping Forest, explored Hever Castle in Kent and got back on my bike after Storm Gareth. It has made such a difference being able to go out in lighter layers and soak up the sun. Now I can’t wait for the longer evenings – summer, I’m ready for you.

Girl exploring

The Gardens at Hever Castle in spring

What I’ve been reading this month:

  1. Stephen King: 11/23/63 – Another one of Stephen King’s psychological novels. This book centres around a character who time travels to try and stop JFK’s assassination. I found it really interesting historically and loved the way it highlighted that life can change on a dime. The smallest decisions can lead to a butterfly effect or sliding doors scenario. 4/5
  2. Elizabeth Gilbert: Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear – An inspiring read for anyone who wants to live a creative life or a life of passion and curiosity. I think this book really helped me realise you don’t have to take yourself so seriously. Be playful, curious and allow yourself mistakes in your work to allow you to grow and be better. I’ll be leaving this book behind whilst understanding that the best thing about creativity is the joy it brings. 4/5

What have you all been enjoying this month?


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