What I loved this month: July 2018

I’m not quite sure where July went, its absolutely stormed by. Amazed that it is already time for me to right this blog, and to be honest struggling to remember what I did this month apart from masses of editing! I was shooting Rosie & Davide’s wedding last weekend and now have a 6 week break before the next – I’m not quite sure what I’ll do on my Saturdays now!

Here is what I loved in July:

  1. My bike

With the heatwave sweeping the UK, by the middle of June, and after 4 years of sweating it out, I decided enough was enough on the central line. I had been deliberating buying a bike to cycle into work for a few months but always put it straight out of mind thinking it was too far/dangerous. But I was fed up of dreading my commute home so went ahead and bit the bullet. I did a few test runs on an OFO bike and after the first run was in love with cycling. I bought myself a Dawes Duchess and it is my new baby! This was my first full week cycling everyday and its been so great – my commute now feels like a little adventure and I appreciate London so much more – being able to cycle through Victoria and the Olympic Park every day is a real joy. Admittedly.. my opinion may change when the colder, wet weather creeps in but I’m determined that my central line days are over.

My Duchess Dawes blue bike in Victoria Park

2. How Not To Die

In my last post I had just started reading this but raved about how interesting it was. The book is essentially a list of the worse diseases and how your diet can help to prevent/cure them – your diet being a plant based one. It’s really eye opening and I can recommend it to anyone.

How Not to Die review

3. Buddha bowls

Influenced by the book above I’ve been trying to eat more of the ‘Daily Dozen’, which are the 12 ideal foods to eat everyday to fight off disease. With the summer heat as well, my fav dinner has become a buddha bowl where I can just chuck in all sorts of veggies, protein and some grain. Topped with hummus, always.

4. The Staircase

Our show of the month on Netflix was definitely The Staircase. For any Making a Murderer fans.. this is for you! Following the story of a man who found his wife lying at the bottom of their stairs dead and the subsequent police investigation, this will be your next binge. I’m not going to give much away so just go watch.


Reading wise this month, apart from How Not To Die, I’ve been limited – normally I would read for about an hour everyday on the tube but thats now gone! So the only other book I read this month:

The Wasp Factory – Iain Banks: This was part of Amazon’s 100 books to read in your Lifetime so I decided to tick that one off. It was a very dark read, and as a vegan, with the numerous cases of animal cruelty in it, I had to remember this was just a book. I really enjoyed it though and the ending was a huge twist! 3/5

Caroline x

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