What I loved this month: February 2019

February has been a really busy month! I’ve met with a lot of couples to talk about their weddings and my summer is now looking very booked up. I have minimal dates left so get in touch soon if you still want to book for a 2019 wedding.

I’ve also been to Bruges and Switzerland this month which has been really awesome. Totally keeping up my new years resolution of having a trip away per month. I’ve loved getting out in the European countryside and being creative with my camera again. All round, it’s been a hectic but fun month!

Woman exploring Bruges in winter

Dusk in Bruges

I’m currently writing this from Biel in Switzerland. I popped over for a weekend to visit a friend, and do an engagement shoot. So grateful that is something I get to do!

For now, here’s what I loved in February:

  1. 2019 gig season starting

Since I was a teenager, February has always been a great month because it’s when lots of bands tour. My 2019 gigs started this month with Frank Turner and You Me At Six. Frank Turner was playing at Ally Pally on the Sunday I was in Bruges, but we road tripped back  for it. We managed to get back to London 45mins before he came on stage. That is what I call a weekend!

You Me At Six at the Scala

The next week I saw You Me At Six at the Scala as part of War Child’s Brits Week. The show completely blew me away. I had forgotten how tiny the Scala was and it’s the first time I had seen YMAS. Their stage presence was utterly amazing and in such a small venue their sound was so powerful. They will take some beating for the current crown of gig of the year. Antheros were the support and I have since become obsessed. ‘Drunk’ has pretty much been on repeat since then. You can check out my February playlist with both bands on here.

2. Meeting couples

February is typically when I get my most bookings so I’ve been meeting with a lot of couples to chat through their weddings. It’s been lovely to meet you guys, get to know you and talk about your plans. I’ve also been meeting with my existing clients to chat through their details of their days. I’m genuinely super excited about the weddings I am shooting this year. All couples are so friendly and are all having super cool, relaxed weddings. Bring on the summer!

My engagement season officially started this month with Nathalie and Adam in Surrey. Photos to come soon. My wedding season will kick off this month, so it’s all go from here on out.

Denbies Wine Estate wedding photographer

3. Farah in Islington 

I’ve been in my old haunt of Islington a few times this month to meet with couples. Whenever I’m there, I like to stroll around the vintage shops and market. Farah has become my must visit place. It’s a large charity shop but they have some awesome vintage pieces and generally some great quality clothes at bargain prices. Over two visits this month I’ve picked up some very cute everyday clothes, as well as a beautiful vintage summer dress that I can’t wait to wear! I would say I’ve got about 6 items for £15ish. I also love that you just never know what you’re going to find – it’s part of the fun of vintage shopping.

4. Monday strolls in the forest 

Last week I took a break from my to do list to go and have a walk around Epping Forest. On a Monday lunch time, it was gloriously quiet and I discovered a new part of the forest I had never stumbled across before. I had my camera with me, and really enjoyed just photographing the wintery scenery and the colours of February. There were some gorgeous golden brown tones even though this time of year everything is barely alive! Definitely going to do more mid-week trips to the forest for some down time.

Epping Forest

Reading list this month:

  1. Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography – Walter Isaacson 4/5 – This was a long book so the only one I actually managed to read this month! It was one of the most inspiring books I’ve read in a long time. It was really interesting to read about the history of the consumer computer and how Apple pushed for it to be widely available to everyone. The introduction of iTunes and what that meant for the music industry was also fascinating to read about. Through the book there were loads of instances where I thought ‘what if we hadn’t had Steve Jobs – how different would our everyday been?’. A lot of the techs we take for granted were his baby. Steve Jobs was so well known for being an Apple co-founder but I never realised he had been such a driving force for innovation in other spheres as well. He was a huge investor in Pixar, which ended up paying off hugely.  Great read if you’re interested in modern history.

This month may seem like a bit of a short list but it has mainly been all around meeting you guys, my fabulous clients! March brings a lot of shoots and I’m super excited for a fresh month.



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