Essex Wedding Photographer: How to love yourself in your wedding photos!

Today I want to talk to you about how to love yourself in your wedding photos! As a wedding photographer, I find that when I’m getting enquiries or having a Zoom call with potential couples, they all say the same thing.

“We hate being in front of the camera, we’re awkward in photos etc..”

Venue – Browning Bros / Dress – Lisa Lyons Bridal / Hair – Bespoke Bridal Hair by Nicola / Converse – Wedding Converse / Bouquet – Iris and Co / Ribbons – Ambers Rose / Jacket – Rock Paper Nib / Bride and groom – Peter James Tyrell & Elle E

Believe me, I know how you feel. I’m one of those people that has two standard stupid poses when someone turns the camera on me. So, it’s probably a good job I’m normally behind it. But recently, I’ve learnt to love myself in photos more. And, from my experience of working with lots of couples, I want to share what I’ve learned about how to love yourself in your wedding photos.

Let’s chat ‘flaws’

Firstly, let’s address that word, flaws. You may look at yourself and see extra weight where you don’t want it, wrinkles, a birthmark in the wrong place. These aren’t flaws! In fact they mean something. They are representative of your life.

Venue – Marden House Mansion at Woldingham School / Dress – Bowen Dryden / Headpiece – Bombini Studio / Florals – Iris and Co / Earrings – To Be Adorned / Bride – Jen DeBerigny (Never Always Couple)

I’ll give you an example. My biggest reason for hating myself in photos is that when I really smile, I lose my eyes. They just kind of vanish into my face magically. I was out on a social a few months ago with some other female photographers, and we were taking turns in getting portraits of each other. The wonderful Sophie Lake captured this portrait of me. She was making me laugh as she tried to get into the plant to get this shot. As a result, my eyes have gone..

There are two ways of looking at this photo. It’s horrible and I would never use it. Or, it’s showing how happy I was and that is something to love. My eyes go squinty and small when I am genuinely full of emotion and super happy. So why would I hate myself for that? A few years ago I would never have let this photo see the light of day, but now I am totally happy to put it on my website, as it’s me. It shows my warm side, my friendliness and joy.

Similarly, what you may see as a flaw actually represents something wonderful. Some extra pounds you’re carrying may actually be from the fact you were creating lovely memories of eating out with your fiance, or treating yourself to indoor date nights over lockdown. All these kind of things make up the story of you. And that’s magic. The more you start to accept yourself for who you are, the less critical and harsh you’ll be to yourself. Talk to yourself as if you were talking to a friend.

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Think about the feelings you had when an image was taken.

As a wedding photographer, my biggest aim is to capture the raw emotion of your wedding day. It’s one of the reasons I love my job. When looking through your photos, think about that moment and the feeling you had. I’m sure it would be happiness, laughter, love etc. This will make you feel joyful about the photo, rather than be looking out at your insecure bits.

How to love yourself in your wedding photos
Venue – Baldersnas Herrgard / Dress – Grace Loves Lace
Joy radiates

I also think a big key about how to love yourself in your wedding photos is to enjoy your wedding day with no cares. Absorb every single moment and make the most of it. Don’t stress about the little things – they won’t matter. Doing this will make joy radiate from you. Believe me, it shows! My favourite photos are always those which are full of pure, unadulterated emotion.

Choose a photographer who makes you feel relaxed

It’s easy to be happy throughout your wedding day, but what about if you’re nervous about your wedding portraits? It’s totally understandable! This is why I would recommend pre-wedding shoots as a warm up, so we can get to know each other, and for you to get comfortable in front of the camera together. Read my full blog on why you should have a pre-wedding shoot.

Venue – Country Tipis at Vanstone Park / Dress – The Wedding Gallery

I normally also like to have a Zoom call with my couples, either when enquiring or before the big day. It’s really good to get to know your photographer on a personal level. It all helps on the day. A lot of my couples say I feel like an old friend taking photos, rather than a wedding supplier. I totally believe this is how it should feel for the best outcome!

Get to know your wedding photographer

I am warm and engaging and have always had a bit of a natural skill for making people feel relaxed. In my previous job as a Video Director, I had to direct people as high up as CEO’s to give their best performance on camera and tease it out of them. So I know exactly what it takes and have years of experience.

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If you’re looking for a photographer who feels like an old friend and who will make having your portraits fun and relaxed then head to my enquiry page and let’s get chatting!

I’ll let my couples speak for themselves…

‘Both of us felt awkward in front of the camera before we met Caroline but by the big day (and with an engagement shoot under our belts) everything felt so natural. We’ve come away with beautiful portraits, group shots and a full documentary of the day ‘ – Hannah & Olivia

Venue – York House Twickenham

‘Caroline is amazing, she is incredibly friendly and really goes the extra mile to make you feel relaxed and at ease. Caroline’s friendly, calm and relaxed nature immediately put at ease on the day and she knew just how to capture us in a natural way. Caroline was an absolute dream to have with us on the day, it genuinely felt like we had asked an old friend to take the photos.’ – Sarah & Andy

‘My and my now husband have always felt like a couple of lemons in front of the camera but Caroline was so friendly, chatty and knew how to get the shots we knew we wanted in the easiest way.’ – Jaime & Tommy

How to love yourself in your wedding photos

Enquire now

I hope that makes you feel less worried about your wedding day portraits and taught you how to love yourself in your wedding photos. My 2021 diary is nearly full so get in now to save your date. My 2022 diary is also open!

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