About Me

I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in East London (Wanstead), originally from Hampshire (Winchester). I discovered my passion for photography when my grandparents gave me some birthday money and I went out and bought my first DSLR with it. Many cameras and photos later, here I am!

Caroline Opacic Photography

My style:

The most important thing to me is to tell the story of your day, through timeless and natural visuals. My style of photography is very relaxed, creative and genuine. I shoot in a documentary style, taking beautiful candid shots, which will reflect your wedding day in a poignant but natural way. I believe this is the best way to capture real moments and most importantly, emotions, which may be missed otherwise. Alongside this reportage style, I take gorgeous portraiture and group shots, creating a timeless image library of your wedding. My aim for the day is shoot in a ‘hands off’ and essentially discreet way, allowing me to observe genuine moments, whilst letting both you and your guests enjoy the day. I’ll be working to shoot all the goings on, without interfering with them – an unscripted scene if you will – delivered in beautiful visuals.

Photographically I love sunsets, emotions, tears and laughter, nature, the small but significant details of your day, nature, boho styling, soft lighting, mountains, outdoor ceremonies, flowers,  portraits in the forest, first looks and first dances.

The personal stuff:

I am a country bumpkin from Winchester, turned city girl, having lived in London for the past ten years. I may live in the big smoke but I still love being outside and am well and truly inspired by nature.  I am an explorer at heart, and I’m always thinking about my next trip and love to travel. I love being in dramatic scenery – think the mountains or by the sea. Alongside photography, my passion is music – I used to be a music reviewer, and if you checked my bank account you would find most of my money goes on gigs. The other half probably goes on food – I’m a big foodie and a fitness freak.

A few of my favourite things:

Making Spotify playlists / candles / my cameras & lenses / dancing the night away / Red Hot Chili Peppers / winter walks / crisp autumn mornings / Netflix and chill nights / 70s clothes / boho interiors / gigs / spinning / wearing as many rings as possible / thai food / indie circa 2005 / leaves underfoot and autumnal trees / Fleetwood Mac / instagramming / very hot curry / rocking out in the car / weightlifting /  roast dinners in cosy pubs / browsing record shops / cycling / vegan cooking

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