London Wedding Photographer: My Favourite Boho Wedding Trends - Autumn 2017

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There are some absolutely brilliant boho wedding trends around at the moment so I wanted to share some of my personal favourites. For anyone following my Pinterest, I’m sure you could easily spot which ones I love. I am all for the unique, wacky, and wonderful - anything to make your wedding truly yours. So, here are my current favourite trends: 


1. Geodes, Crystals and Agate

I may particularly like this one as I used to collect decorative rocks and crystals as a kid, and have recently become interested in the premise of healing crystals. I first fell in love with the idea of Agate slices as wedding placeholders after spotting Oh Wonder Calligraphy creating them on Instagram. Cue a Pinterest search and I came across all manner of geode inspired wonders. You can style a table with geodes and large crystals, and couple with foliage/greenery or rustic wood for a stunning earthy, bohemian feel. Deep purple, blue and pink palettes are a great choice if you are thinking of going with this theme.

(Images from Pinterest)

Also check out the cake wonders you could have made to match the theme… mind blown at the creativity! 

The geode trend features heavily in my Boho Styling board on Pinterest - Follow here

(Images from Pinterest)


2. Hand painted/ Personalised Leather jackets

As the weather starts to turn, sometimes a wedding dress is just not enough! Cue leather jackets which go with any outfit ever thought of. I imagine the Kardashian wedding leathers pushed this trend into the limelight, but I have been seeing so many amazing personalised bridal leather jackets at the moment. Lucky Sew and Sew creates some handpainted beauties..

The great thing is you can also keep enjoying after the wedding! 

(Image from Lucky Sew and Sew) 

3. Succulents

There must be something about me as I also used to collect cacti and succulents as a child (clearly I was a slightly weird child..) They are now becoming an increasingly favoured wedding floral, and make such a good addition to any bouquet. There are some really fantastic ideas on Pinterest on how to incorporate them into your big day. So much so, I made a separate board just for this trend: Follow here

(Lower Photos from Pinterest)


I am very excited to say I am currently in the midst of planning a styled shoot which will include at least one of these trends.. But I won’t say which for now ;)

Caroline x 


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