Why I love being a wedding photographer

April 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A portrait of bride and groom stood against a wooden fence at sunset in StudlandSunset wedding portrait in StudlandSunset wedding portrait in Studland

Yesterday evening I was sat hunched over my desk editing a glorious small wedding, when I had a moment of genuine wonder and joy at the fact I am one of the lucky people to call this my job. It's pretty amazing to be the one who can capture one of the biggest moments in a couples life. Moments that you can only capture as an observer, and that are so fleeting, that while guests at a wedding may glimpse them, I'm there to make sure they last. 

It's these little moments that are so special - I absolutely love looking back through weddings and seeing natural interactions, maybe just a passing glance between the couple - which say 1000 words.

One of the reasons I love wedding photography is it feels like the most creative of photography. No wedding is the same, and this means each one is a constant source of inspiration. This makes it a challenging day, but at the same time I love that. You need to think on your feet to come up with shot ideas, and work around whatever may be happening at that point in time. It's a constant learning curve - I take something away from every single wedding. 

Then theres the clients! I have met some of the loveliest couples and family members/friends. By the end of a wedding you often feel part of the family. You experience some huge moments with these people, in such a small amount of time. I love shooting the bridal prep in particular - this is such an intimate time in the day, and often when emotions can run high. But once a bride is ready and you see the anticipation/happiness on their face as they walk up the aisle.. and then see their fiance waiting for them.. I mean, wow. The 'first see' shot is always one of my favourites!! 

It is a huge privilege to be a wedding photographer, so this is a thank you to all the couples who have put their faith in me to capture their big day. If you think I would be a good fit for your wedding, please do get in touch - I don't bite :) 

Caroline x 




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