The First 5 Steps for Planning Your Wedding

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Firstly, a huge congratulations on your engagement! Enjoy this moment - crack the champagne and celebrate as this only happens once! 

Many people start thinking about planning their wedding straight away and can quickly be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of things to be done, the cost, the planning etc...So, I'm starting a series of 'So, You're Engaged' blogs which will provide useful information for helping you keep your sanity whilst planning your big day! So, you're engaged.. What's Next??! Here are the first 5 key steps to get you started... 


Step 1. Decide on your style/what type of wedding you want to have 

Before flinging yourself straight into huge ideas and planning, step back and think about what type of wedding you actually want. Remember this is a joint decision so discuss what your priorities are with your fiancé, and write them down so you can come back to them when needed. 


Step 2: Decide on your budget 

I know.. the dreaded B word. Be realistic here on what you can afford, and what you want - it is easy to get over excited when you plough into looking through 'weddinginspo' on Pinterest or get all the bridal magazines. Get your list of priorities back out and refine what is most important you to you - is it the venue, is it the photographer, or is it the money to go behind the bar to accommodate Uncle Dave? Believe me, I know budgets are often there to be blown (I do it most weeks!), but try to stick to this one, or figure out where there may be wiggle room if you need it. 

Useful resources: Try the Easy Weddings Budget Calculator or get the Squirrel Budgeting APP to help you stick to it!


2.  Plan your guest list 

Draw up your preliminary guest list (split into; Must Have/Would like to Have). Weddings can turn into a political family minefield so it can be useful to talk to your parents to find out what their list would be, or gauge how your family feel. Your guest list is closely tied to your budget - if you are struggling then you may need to decide who you really want there. 

3. Book a venue 

This is an exciting one :) Finally time to get something set in stone! Often people set a date first, but this depends on how wedded you are to a particular venue. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to plan, and to give enough warning for your friends/family. 


Step 4. Propose to your Wedding Party 

Time to gather your tribe! Asking your bridesmaids/groomsmen to be involved as early as possible means they can help in the planning earlier, taking some of the weight off you! Remember, this is a big ask - so 'propose' to them in a nice way, and make them feel valued and appreciated the whole time! 

Step 5. Book Suppliers 

Again, go back to your priority list and book your most important suppliers first, whether that is your photographer, florist, musician etc.


I hope this was a useful tool to stop you from getting overwhelmed at all the planning that goes into a wedding. These are your biggest steps already covered!  If you have more questions or want to book me for a wedding, head to my 'Contact' page. Sign up to my mailing list to keep up to date with new blogs and offers as they are released; 

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