Californian Road Trip Part 2: Lompoc to San Simeon

February 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This blog post features our second full day on Highway 1, driving north towards Monterey. The first post is here 

After staying in Lompoc for the night, we started the day by trying our hand at making our first waffles for breakfast (it was a moderate success). We then headed off back along the coast towards Pismo, which one of my friends had told me was a charming little town to stop in. He wasn't wrong - I loved it here, it's just a shame the mist was bad. 

Next, we hit the road towards Morro Bay. This is quite a little town, but famous for the state park featuring Morro rock.. and it's sea otters!!! We had never seen sea otters in the wild before so were both pretty excited about these little guys. When we arrived, the sea mist was so bad we couldn't even see the rock, but it soon cleared (mostly), and we spent half an hour just watching the sea otters float about. 

Next on our sightseeing stops along Highway 1 was Moonstone Beach, famous for it's multi coloured sand made of fine rocks. Again, very misty but if anything that made it all the more beautiful to photograph... it's just a shame we weren't seeing the full coastal road in all its glory. 

That evening, we were staying in San Simeon, which we arrived at in the early afternoon. Because we were so close to an elephant seal sanctuary we had both been dying to see we quickly drove further up Highway 1 to see the seals before it started to get dark. I don't know what I was expecting, but when we got there, the beach was filled with what must have been hundreds of seals - a definite must see. 

After watching the seals for a while, we headed back south to grab some food at nearby Cambria, which was an utterly charming little town near Moonstone Beach. Unfortunately the shops had already shut, but we went into a burger place where we watched American football while eating the biggest portion of chips known to man! We went back to the hotel feeling we had fitted a lot into our day (and belly)!

My next blog will be about my favourite stretch of road.. the Big Sur!! :) 



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