Summer Portrait Shoot in Regents Park - Sarah

July 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I met Sarah in Regents Park in July. The weather was a bit tempremental but we began the shoot optimistically with Sarah in a lovely pink summery dress. I haven't been to Regents Park for a few months and we walked all around it, seeing bits I haven't even seen before. We stopped in several places - one of which, the rose gardens, was my favourite and after an outfit change we treated ourselves to a break and an ice cream.

I have a London Summer bucket list, and hiring a rowing boat in Regents Park has been something that has been on it for years. Sarah suggested we could get some good photos on there so, both game, we set off for the boats. It started to drizzle while we were on the boats, which actually made for some lovely photos. We were super lucky - literally within a minute of us stepping off back on to solid ground it absolutely chucked it down. We took cover in the cafe next door and watched the poor people who had just got in the boats get soaked for the next half hour. All in all, a very fun shoot :) 

Good luck to Sarah who is leaving London to travel and return to her native New Zealand.. London will miss you! 







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