My first trip to Asia - A fortnight in Hong Kong and Taiwan

May 12, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Last month I visited Asia for the first time and spent two weeks in Hong Kong staying with a friend who moved out there last summer, with a few days in Taiwan thrown in. Hong Kong was an amazing vibrant and buzzing city with such natural beauty surrounding it - if only London had beaches and hiking trails around the mountains too! Despite being so far away the city made me feel at home with it's mixture of both Eastern and Western culture. I think we saw all the main sights and were lucky enough to have a personal tour guide in our friend, who showed us her favourite places and hangouts - we had the perfect balance of sight seeing in the day and absorbing the culture and social scene by night. It was also such a treat to be inspired by a completely different place and I absolutely fell in love with the traditional Chinese architecture and design - everything is beautifully intricate. I wanted to come back with so many chinese nick nacks I really had to control myself - my suitcase was bulging by the time we came back! I've also found a new favourite food in BBQ Pork Buns.. wow!

We flew to Taiwan for a couple of days to enjoy some nature in their national parks - we visited Taroko with it's stunning gorges, Yangmingshan and nearby hot springs just outside of Taipei. The hot spring was one of my highlights and on the same day we met a lovely old man who handpainted all his own gorgeous pottery in a shop nearby, so obviously I came back with a few pieces!

I think the lucky cat charm I brought back with me has been working as I have some exciting things in the pipeline at the moment. Looking forward to what should hopefully be a very positive summer.

I took an excessive amount of photos as standard, but here are just a couple....


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